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I am hoping that this page will provide a link to current information with regards to your travel destination – and also be a way for you to connect and contact Cruise With Us.  I will be posting information here and I encourage you to check in periodically to see what is new. And if you are looking for something and you don’t see it, please be sure to ask. Give me a call at 916-489-6336 and let’s see what we can plan together!

If you will periodically check in to this website and look under the new tab “Promotions”, I will try to list for you some of the “not to be missed” trips. Also, if you see something in a magazine or newspaper that you would like more information on, please give me a call and I will help in any way that I can. Many times, you may see a special trip advertised elsewhere. I encourage you to contact me to see if that is something I can help you with. Often, the rates are the same that I can get for you…………….but the service I promise to give to your travel arrangements will be “tops”! Please let me know if I can assist in any way with your travel plans. I will do my best to provide you not only with the best price that I can get, but also the best service. Your trips are important to me. Priscilla Mooshian, MCC (Master Cruise Counsellor

Priscilla Mooshian

Owner, Cruise With Us



Where would you like to go next?  Here are a few places I like to go but I can help you get to any destination.


One of the easiest destinations for you to experience via a cruise would be Alaska.  You can depart by ship from San Francisco, Seattle or Vancouver and Anchorage and see this magnificent area of our country.  Here are just a few scenes from previous trips, but you need to make these your own and experience the thrill of seeing glaciers “up close and personal”

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